Web design services



We have been providing web design services to customers in London for more than 18 years. Our web design services will guarantee that your company interacts with your target audience effectively regardless of whether you are starting a new website or making adjustments to your current one.

Understanding the client’s marketing goals and turning them into a design that integrates user-friendly navigation, practical and pertinent content, and strong calls to action that will eventually increase your revenue constitute great web design.

We create unique, fashionable webpages to communicate your brand’s mission and attract users. Utilizing our highly regarded web design services will guarantee that your website is user-friendly and has engaging material for your intended audience.



We are WordPress experts who plan and create unique, quick, adaptable, and safe websites.

The development team at L K Deign is committed to providing WordPress sites that truly function for our customers by bringing creativity and passion to every project. There are no pre-made solutions, WordPress themes, or quick fixes available here; only custom builds that support your company objectives and communicate to your target market.

But there is one thing that every WordPress design has in common: simplicity. WordPress’ fundamental flexibility enables teams to easily create and update content, launch landing sites, and manage picture editing.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing firm will create and carry out compelling campaigns as the foundation of our brand identity, web design, and web development offerings to make sure your company receives the attention it needs. We will collaborate with your company to raise awareness, make sure the right customers discover you, and eventually boost conversions and/or sales.

Web Hosting


Our web hosting service includes everything, from the safe server storage of the files that run your website to the networking connectivity that makes it accessible to the public. It serves as a place where your website can thrive.

Like your home’s energy source, website hosting is something you don’t think about until it ceases. When this occurs, you will need a quick solution to repair the issue and restore service to your website. Similar to this, you want your website to be fast and accessible during busiest trading hours when it comes to web hosting. Additionally, you should plan upkeep for off-peak hours to minimise website user disruption.

It is equally crucial to have a web hosting response that is fast and efficient when an issue needs to be fixed.

We can provide you with piece of mind by safeguarding your website against hackers and server failure if you choose to host your website with us. High-level hardware and software protection will be advantageous to you. We regularly perform backups and respond quickly to any server problems.

eCommerce solutions


With the help of a knowledgeable team who understands what it takes to convert clicks into consumers and keep them coming back, reinvent your online shop.

We create beautiful Shopify sites for customers all over the world and are specialists in designing online stores.

We’ve been staying current with UX, UI, and E-Commerce trends for more than a decade in order to deliver smooth purchasing experiences that boost our clients’ standing in their respective markets.

The final result is the same whether you’re switching from your current platform or from scratch: a potent marketing instrument that increases sales and brand loyalty.

We understand that each online merchant has their own trouble points and objectives because we are a specialised E-Commerce firm. To help you get the most out of your customised online shop, we’ll mix thoughtful design with conversion rate optimisation.